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Miley Cyrus continues to trash and burn poor little Hannah Montana. Now she’s topless and fully out there on Terry Richardson’s website. You see the pix at http://terrysdiary.com/.

This is great because with Amanda Bynes locked up and Lindsay Lohan sober, life was getting dull. At first I thought Miley was just “taking the piss” to sell albums and get attention. But now, you know, I think “crack up” is coming. No record or CD is worth this.

Adele, Pink, Emeli Sande, even Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are smart enough not to do down this road. What’s next? You can only imagine.





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  1. Oh come on now lets be honest… all you self righteous hypocrites, I’m just a dirty ole man, and I would if I could,its better than a knot hole in a fence post.

  2. She looks like a 16 year old boy. A trashy one at that. She claims she’s expressing herself as an artist! Bwahahahaha!!! Shameful , because she feels she still needs to overcompensate for being Hannah Montana.We all get it!! Now stop with the goofy tongue thing ( very contrived and now just plain dumb)and focus on your music because you’re looking like a total idiot to the world . Peace out.

  3. Hello, cowgirl in the sand…
    Is this place at your command?
    Can I stay here for awhile?
    Can I see your sweet, sweet smile?

    Old enough now
    to change your name,
    When so many love you
    Is it still the same?
    It’s the woman in you
    that makes you
    want to play this game….

    (Neil Young)

  4. Is she thinking.. if I am gonna be bad, this is the time to do it.. be as wild as she can, really badass, gore.. sorta collect the evil and dirt now that will fuel her future when she perhaps sobers down, or create a sorta of that contrast somehow..? or am I thinking too much? thats wot yuk does.. disarranges head.

  5. What is with this girl and her tongue? I think she has lost her mind, but the pictures aren’t that bad, except for the tongue. Keep it in yer mouth!

  6. Ms. Cyrus with all due respect, your asthetics do not lend itself to this. This is tantamount to having Drew Carey pose for Cosmo. Not workin darlin, at all.

  7. Now me being an “experienced” nudist, I would wholeheartedly recommend a photo set in the woods. I personally love to traipse around in nothing but a pair of well worn Indian moccasins!
    I wouldn’t even think of wearing a silly loincloth. Miley be free! Show us your Junk! One day I will show you MINE!

  8. Destiny Cyrus is as UGLY AS A MUD FENCE! She has NO BOOBS! She has no #%&@+^# and she has ZERO sex appeal. It looks like she suffers from undescended testicles. Who would want her? What a pathetic, sexless, no class, no account, trailer trash wanna be ho! She has NO brains in that funny-shaped thing she uses to house her pie-hole. (Have you ever seen a human with a skull shaped like a tinker-toy?) Her eyes shine with drugs but no intelligence. Her parents have failed. Her father is a greedy old no talent dickpuke and her mother is a wanna be rich ho-puke who lives through her ugly daughter. What a family. When they FINALLY hit the wall, they will cry and beg for more money because they “didn’t understand.” The part that is inexplicable is that she HAD IT MADE and threw it all away for no reason; other than greed and drugs and stupidity. WHO would prostitute their daughter like the greedy Cyrus pukes?

  9. Terri Richardson is a pornographer and not a very good one. I have no idea how this idiot is the go-to guy for celebs but if you want to be debased he’s your guy. As for Miley, this is exactly where she has been headed for a while. I appreciate wanting to separate from the Hanna Montana Image but she has chosen to desecrate the image by going full speed after a sharp 180 degree turn. Ok the Disney image is dead but is this really what you want for its replacement? There is no where to go from here but I think she still has a narrow window of time to tone this way down having made her point otherwise after this you become a Ke$ha clone, then a Courtney Love clone and then what? Even Amy Winehouse was never this bad and she could sing…

  10. What a shame… Her father has FAILED to protect his little girl, let the sharks take her.

    Now, she looks like a drugged-out whore, an emptiness in her eyes. If my daughters were so lost, it would break my heart.

    I’m sure, when she does the inevitable “crash and burn” the tabloids will continue to have a field-day.

    Miley, they don’t give a CR@P about you…. Sinead O’Connor- who I really dislike- was spot-on with her assessment. If you don’t get away from the people leeching on you, they won’t stop until there’s nothing left…

  11. She is being used by demons and worshiping Satan, to give her fame. The more attention we give her, more things she does with her demons.Also Lady Gaga is is obvious from the tattoos, the dress but mostly the behavior when they make a performance, that they are doing it for satan.

  12. what do I think? If I wanted to see the body of a naked 12 year old boy, then I’d be a pedophile… that’s what I think about naked Miley

  13. Having worked with young actors and their instant fame it seems life becomes one big shock after another. Whether it’s boredom, or lack of supervision, or other contributing factors there are few instances where they don’t stray off the path. It’s almost like they’re being spoiled by their own success.

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