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Well, that’s it. If there are any more skeletons in Michael Jackson’s closet even I would be surprised. Thanks to his family’s single minded effort to get his money, Michael’s whole life was trashed in public for no reason. His finances, personal life, peccadilloes, love life, marriages, parenting skills, and drug abuse have all been laid open to inspection.

And what was accomplished? Nothing. We know now what we knew before: Michael was the architect of his own demise. He hired a bad doctor who needed money and was vulnerable. He did what Michael asked. And he wound up killing him. The doctor went to jail for a short time. Soon he’ll be out. He’ll write a book, get publicity, and move on.

What won’t be changed is Michael Jackson’s musical legacy. Tonight in some club a deejay will put on “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” and everyone will dance. The music will never end.

But that’s it for Michael’s siblings’ quest for his money. There will be no Rolls Royces or big houses or fancy clothes. The Jacksons will have to keep touring and playing casinos and state farms. Randy Jackson will have to get a job. There will be no more kidnappings of grandma. Joseph Jackson has finally been stopped. Katherine will have to say no when relatives come to her for money.

What a crazy, long trip this has been. Four years, three months, and a few days since Michael Jackson died, he can finally be put to rest.

What’s next? Who’s going to pay that legal bill for Brian Panish, et al? This will not be pretty.

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