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Here’s another voice in the mess Mia Farrow and Maureen Orth caused this week. Barbara Sinatra, widow of Frank, was reached by The Desert Sun in Palm Springs yesterday. Barbara, who published a memoir last year, called the “possibility” that Mia’s son Ronan was fathered by Frank and not Woody Allen: “A phony deal.”

Barbara told the Sun:  “It’s just a bunch of junk. There’s always junk written — lies that aren’t true.”

Sinatra also told the paper that Ronan was left nothing in Frank’s will. Sinatra died in 1998 when Ronan was 11 years old.

As I wrote yesterday, when Ronan– originally named Satchel– was conceived in March-April 1987, Farrow was shooting “September” with Woody in Connecticut. She wrote in her memoir “What Falls Away,” that she was Allen’s “constant companion.” The movie “September” was shot and then re-shot with a different cast. Mia was in both casts. Sinatra was performing in Las Vegas. He was 71 years old. Randy as Sinatra was, he wasn’t a time traveler.

Orth is the worst kind of journalist. She’s colluded with Farrow to “get” Woody Allen. She questions nothing that Farrow tells her for the Vanity Fair article. She simply accepts and presents it. Why didn’t she call Barbara Sinatra? Or look into the timeline of where both people were physically in that time period?

I’ll tell you why: because she didn’t care if it was true. Nice work.

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