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The jury in the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial has decided that AEGLive did hire Dr. Conrad Murray. And the jury did not think Dr. Murray was unfit or incompetent to take care of Jackson.

Jackson, of course, died on June 25, 2009. Ever since that moment his estate has been the subject of a tug of war between his executors and the Jackson family. This means that AEG Live does not owe Katherine Jackson and her family anything. The avaricious Jacksons will not be able to collect a thing from them.

The jury did not believe that Dr. Murray was unfit to perform his duties. That’s it, it’s all over. This. Is. It.

Interesting that the jury thought Dr. Murray was competent to perform the duties for which he was hired. In the end, the jury confirmed that Michael Jackson really brought about his own demise. It’s something the Jacksons will have to live with.

I do think that the Jackson family’s cause, and the belief that people “conspired” against Michael to kill him, or wear him down on purpose, was what did the whole thing in. It was ridiculous to believe this. I’ll get into it more later this evening.

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