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Mia Farrow makes it seem like Woody Allen isn’t the father of her son, Ronan, in the new issue of Vanity Fair. Maureen Orth asks her if Sinatra is the father. Farrow says, “Possibly…” This is supposed to be an answer? It’s enough of one to make headlines today. But Orth and Farrow know it’s not possible.

Here are the facts: Ronan was born on December 19, 1987. Count back nine months. Farrow was in the middle of shooting and re-shooting Allen’s movie “September.” The shoot was at her own home in Connecticut. It went on from October 1986 to June 1987. She got pregnant in late March, early April. Around that time, while Farrow was in Connecticut with Woody, Sinatra started a long concert engagement in Las Vegas.

Farrow hates Allen now. But she wrote in her book, “What Falls Away,” that during that time she and Woody “were in each other’s company constantly.”

Plus, Sinatra was married to Barbara Marx, his last wife. He was 71 years old. Barbara didn’t let Frank out of her sights for a minute. Sinatra toured all year. When Ronan was born he was doing shows with Liza Minnelli in New Jersey. He wasn’t stupid. And Frank Sinatra would certainly have claimed a child, a son.

Farrow must be furious that the public has forgotten Allen’s time with her. The Golden Globes are giving him a Lifetime Achievement award. “Blue Jasmine” has made $30 million at the box office. But this gambit isn’t going to work. As my friend Bebe Buell sings in one of my favorite songs, “It’s the timeline, the timeline…” Indeed.

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