Home Uncategorized “Breaking Bad” Series Finale Scores Whopping 10.3 Mil Viewers

The broadcast networks wanted to know where everyone was last night. Well, they were watching “Breaking Bad” on AMC on cable. The series finale was up 300% from the last “Breaking Bad” season finale in the key demo. The total viewing number was 10.3 million. At the same time– 9pm– 1.9 million people were watching the return of “Homeland” on Showtime.

This means that aside from football games, “Breaking Bad” had the most number of actual viewers than the totals for the night on CBS, ABC, and Fox. NBC won the night with 15.9 million people watching the NFL.

Of course, it was a one time thing. AMC could only wish “Breaking Bad” had more episodes. Now they will return to shows like “The Walking Dead” and wait for seven episodes of  “Mad Men” each in 2014 and 2015. But this was a phenomenon that built week after week.

Who could have imagined that Dr. Tim Watley–actor Bryan Cranston– would go from being a a dentist who becomes Jewish for the jokes to Malcolm’s nutty father to an insane meth dealer dying of cancer? Only in America.

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