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UPDATE Monday afternoon: Spotify says worldwide streaming of “Baby Blue” is up 9000 percent. Pete Ham and Mal Evans (and George Harrison) are smiling in heaven!

“Guess I got what I deserved.” That’s the first line of Badfinger’s 1972 hit “Baby Blue” produced by George Harrison and Todd Rundgren. It was the perfect song to end to “Breaking Bad,” summing up everything that happened to Walter White. The show went out with several bangs, and the inevitable end of Walter was accomplished by returning to an old plot line and characters from early in the series. “Baby Blue” is already number 27 on iTunes and 58 on amazon.com

Will it take off like “Don’t Stop Believing” after “The Sopranos” finale? That would be nice. “Baby Blue” comes Badfinger’s classic album “Straight Up” which also featured their hit “Day After Day.” Badfinger was the Apple Records house band. They were wonderful, but plagued by drugs and depression and ultimately suicide.

But “Baby Blue” was the perfect send off for Walt and friends. The “blue” refers to the blue meth, just another perk. The ending seemed pretty satisfying. Aaron Paul and Bob Odenkirk must be happy.

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  1. Badfinger may have done drugs but they were not plagued by drugs–no tours were cancelled, no one wound up in rehab, no one overdosed unlike countless other rock stars. Badfinger were undermined by a bandit manager who robbed them blind which led directly to Pete Ham’s suicide. Ham’s suicide led to Tom Evans’ suicide. Drugs had little if anything to do with it–get your facts straight.

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