Home Music Bono, U2 Preparing First New Album Since 2009 for Spring 2014 (Exclusive)

Really? Will it be five years since U2 released a new album? That’s indeed the story. I can tell you that Bono, Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. are planning a new album for early spring 2014. And it will be the first since “No Line on the Horizon,” a so-so effort (sorry) compared to the group’s many thrilling and classic recordings.

“No Line” was released in 2009. Bono was on David Letterman last week and said that everyone basically had to be patient and wait for a great album. But I am told that the album is pretty much in place and that work has commenced on art, videos, and other related items. When U2 comes with a release now, it has to have all its ducks in order.

What was the group doing all this time? Well, they made zillions touring. And of course there was “Spider Man: Turn off the Dark.”

U2 will be welcomed back by the music industry with parades and fireworks.

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  1. First I heard a couple of years ago they were coming out with 2 albums in a year now its 1 album in 2014. No Line on the Horizon wasn’t so bad, it just wasn’t commercial enough.

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