Home Television Kanye West Deletes All His Jimmy Kimmel Twitter Rants

I don’t know what this means exactly. But Kanye West has deleted all his now infamous Jimmy Kimmel Twitter rants. Unfortunately, the Tweets live on in Kimmel’s monologue from last week where they were all re-produced and immortalized on video. You can see them below. Obviously someone has reasoned with Kanye about this latest misadventure blew up into a tempest in a teapot. I like Kanye a lot but sometimes I feel sorry for him. It’s like his brain is misfiring and he can’t control it. Reminiscent of Martin Lawrence? May be…


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  1. It’s unfortunate but Kanye seems to have lost touch with reality. I hope having a baby settles him down a bit. He is where he is because of the choices he made, and he must learn to accept the good with the bad.

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