Home Celebrity Watch Madonna’s Insufferable 17 Minute Black & White Video About Persecution

Madonna wants to start a revolution. No one will take her seriously. So she’s made this video with photographer Steven Klein. This is what she wants to know: “If I was a black man and had an Afro would you take me seriously? If I was an Arab waving a hand grenade would you take me seriously?”

This sophomoric nonsense is the product of a 55 year old woman whose view of the world really comes from her own isolation from reality. Without having Malawi to concentrate on, this is apparently what Madonna is doing in her spare time. If you couldn’t fast forward through it, it would be completely unworkable. I am impressed, however, with how many double jointed dancers she found. I also kept thinking of Susan Hayward behind bars.

It’s called “secretprojectrevolution.” It’s dedicated to anyone who’s suffered persecution. Beginning with the viewers of this video. Did anyone ask Madonna to make an annoying 17 minute art film? No. But Lady Gaga’s just getting ready to release a new album. I have to think there’s some connection.

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