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“Dallas”– or what I call “Dallas 2.0”– is finally coming back to TNT. They’re going to start shooting a third season next month. Where were they all summer? Who knows? This will be the first ever “Dallas” season without Larry Hagman as JR Ewing. Anyway, they’re looking to cast a new bad boy villain named Nicholas who will obviously come to town and cause trouble for the Ewings.

He’s described as 35-40 years old, “a powerful billionaire businessman. Self made. Rough childhood. Raised himself up by his bootstrap. He’s charming, sophisticated, smart, cunning…Sexy but not pretty. He comes across as a good,
genuine guy, even though there are darker parts of his personality which he’s hiding. He also has a good sense of
humor and uses that take the sting off his verbal sparring. He should have an International-feel to him. Accent is
not important, in fact less is better, when it comes to accent…”

Let’s just hope series showrunner Cynthia Cidre sticks to the main “Dallas” story and doesn’t go jumping the shark now that JR is gone. That means lots of screen time for Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray, and the return of Judith Light.

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  1. Dallas will never be the same w/o Larry or JR but I am sure Season 3 will still be a great season especially with Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy leading the charge!!

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