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We all have our favorite shows. If you read this column you know my mine is “Mad Men.”  So I’m happy to confirm what may or may not have been out there already: Kevin Rahm and Harry Hamlin will be back for the final season as Ted Chaough and Jim Cutler. They were the guys from the other ad agency who abruptly merged with Sterling Cooper to get the Chevy account. But then the characters merged right into the lives of the main cast seamlessly.

What this means, of course, is that no one is going to California. And that Peggy and Ted could still turn out to be something.

Rahm is thrilled. Even though he’s been acting for years, he acknowledges “Mad Men” has changed his life. He’s waiting now for word on a movie role. We did discuss  his character’s name, which he pronounces “chaw” even though it sounds more like “chow” in the show. “It is totally made up,” he confirmed with a big grin. And no, he has no idea what happens next for Ted.

And Hamlin? He was also at the Governor’s Ball with wife Lisa Rinna. Hamlin has been very involved with the Creative Coalition since it began more than 20 years ago. The  former “LA Law” actor told me he knows next to nothing about Jim Cutler, who may or may not be gay. “He’s an enigma to me,” says Hamlin, who also knows nothing of his character’s fate. But series creator Matt Weiner has resurrected Hamlin in a way no one, including the actor, could have imagined.


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  1. “What this means, of course, is that no one is going to California.”

    Not sure how you got to that. The show,and SC&P, could easily be bi-coastal (as Don said to Megan) in Season 7.

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