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UPDATE: Carole King was named Person of the Year. James Taylor, of course, will perform for her, as well as the Dixie Chicks, Lady Gaga, Bette Midler, Jason Mraz, and Steven Tyler. This lines up with Carole’s upcoming Broadway musical about her life with Gerry Goffin, Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil. So it’s no coincidence. I said earlier (below) the honoree had to be someone with an amazing catalog. Well, you could sing Carole King songs all night, for hours. For fun they should dig up Little Eva (if she’s alive) for “The Loco Motion.”

EARLIER: MusiCares will announce its annual Person of the Year today– the music honoree for its big fundraising event on the Friday night before the Grammy Awards. So many big stars have already had the honor– Paul McCartney, Elton John, Sting, Aretha Franklin, and last year Bruce Springsteen. So while we wait for the announcement, here are some choices:

Jon Bon Jovi– incredibly charitable at home in New Jersey and in Philadelphia with his Soul Kitchen, always there for any emergency

The Rolling Stones– Mick and Keith performed at the Concert for New York in 20o1, plus they recently did some Hurricane Sandy donations from concerts. Plus who wouldn’t want to listen to a night of other stars performing their music?

Lionel Richie– He did co-write “We Are the World” with Michael Jackson. And he also has a great catalog of songs for the big night.

Diana Ross– not publicly charitable per se, but she’d be a big draw.

The honoree has to be a superstar with a real catalog–because the theme of the night is lots of different performers getting up and singing their songs.

MusiCares Person of the Year is one of the great nights in the music biz. Can’t wait to see who it is. Check for updates…




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