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I’ve held off writing about an indie film called “Jayne Mansfield’s Car” which opened this weekend and didn’t do very well. I thought using Mansfield’s name in the title was exploitative and insensitive. The movie is written and directed by Billy Bob Thornton. If you’re too young to know, Jayne Mansfield was the beautiful mother of “Law & Order SVU” star Mariska Hargitay.  Mansfield died in a car crash in 1967. She was 34 and left five children.

The new movie has nothing to do with Mansfield, but it has a title which seems excessively in poor taste. Jayne Mansfield was a human being and she has a family. Her name may be in the public domain, but the movie is using it and her accident to exploit itself.

Hargitay hasn’t done anything about it but she’s not happy. “I mean, come on, it’s horrible,” she told me the other night at the season premiere screening for “Law & Order: SVU.” She told me: “I don’t want to make a whole thing out of it. But they didn’t even ask me if it was alright.” Hargitay is too classy to make a scene. But it was a bad idea. And the result is bad karma for a film that will be on Netflix and DVD very quickly.

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  1. Rod Chesnut I guess you wouldn’t understand (no you don’t so stop claiming that you do) until you or someone else is in that sad situation (not that’ I’m wishing that anyhow but still). The car was put on display but the Hargitays probably didn’t want it that way then either.

  2. I can understand Ms Hargitay’s emotion. Yet, her mother was famous would wide. Her car was taken across America after the wreck. Many Americans remember whne they saw that car & at what county fair. If you have not taken the time to see the movie, why make any remark?

  3. That was wrong because you have to get conset from the family to ues any of their names. Plus they better be happy mariska hargitay hasn’t sued them yet.

  4. i thinh the car makers should have gone to Mariska Hargitay before doing this…in respect of her and her mother Jayne Mansfield…..but i guess the money is what matters the most …

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