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Exclusive: Randy Jackson called Michael Jackson’s executors “the three stooges” this past weekend in a podcast interview with his former attorney Brian Oxman. He named them, too– John Branca, John McClain, and Howard Weitzman (who is not an executor but the attorney who represents the estate).

Oxman was a lawyer once until he was disbarred after several disciplinary actions by the California Bar Association. After representing Randy Jackson in his divorce, Oxman also claimed for years to be the Jackson family attorney. He was fired from Michael Jackson’s defense team in 2005 during the child molestation trial in Santa Maria by Thomas Mesereau.

In the podcast, which I’ve linked below, Randy says: “My family is not happy with McClain and Branca. We don’t believe the will is real. We don’t support [the estate]. We’re not happy.”

Randy also says that “this is the tip of the iceberg” in relation to the Michael Jackson Estate’s current problems with the Internal Revenue Service. He says, “I know something is wrong.” Neither Randy nor any of his siblings received any money from Michael Jackson’s will. One brother, Jackie, is on the estate payroll, however. Randy says in the interview: “A few of my brothers and sisters I’m not getting along with right now.”

Last year, in June 2012, Randy was part of a trio with Janet and Jermaine Jackson who spirited their mother, Katherine Jackson, away to Arizona. The trip turned into a full scale scandal when Paris Jackson tweeted that no one knew what had happened to her grandmother. Randy refers to the incident as “the kidnapping” and suggests that someone–the executors?– invented that to take the heat off his now famous letter to the executors demanding that they resign.

Randy also suggests that “someone” was giving Dr. Conrad Murray orders to drug Michael.

How Brian Oxman got an internet radio show is another question altogether.


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  1. I think that you’re an idiot for providing your BS commentary. “Neither Randy nor any of his siblings received any money from Michael Jackson’s will.” They already know that they can’t get anything which is something that was mentioned, but you REFUSE to listen!!!!

  2. Maybe it’s because they can’t get their hands on any of it. They can talk their mom into paying their bills under the table but they can’t blow those kids money. MJ stopped giving them any so why in death would he want to support them? They are grown men & should work to support their on family. It’s kind of strange to me cause people would pay alot to see the rest of them touring but they have 2 many chiefs & not enough Indians to work together. You would think that because they need money they could do it but then again they like to live the fast & good life by not working & would like to live off what MJ did during his life. The way he talks about Paris because she knew what they wanted & stood up to them just like MJ did. They should never be aloud to be around any of those kid’s. But he always sends their kids over to pretend to be friends w them just so he can get his kid’s things for free when they hang out w MJ kids. It’s bad enough they help screw up MJ but now they are doing trying to do it to his kids & all for money. Have they no shame? They really think the public can’t see through them. If he cared & stop thinking bout the money he would have been their for Paris instead of harassing her. They all say they want the best for his kids yet rt out of the gate they through em on stage at that young age as had never been in the public light. Then they keep making them relive his death for the sake of GUESS WHAT more money. So they don’t give a rats butt bout them kids. Get a job & make ur on money & stay away from those kids. Stop living above ur means & start working. Hell even those kids are working every now & then. Come on anyone who would do that to their on mother, God help whats in store for those kids if they are let in again.Jacksons get real jobs or just a job!! You are not & never will be MJ!!!!!!

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