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I told you either Shepard Smith or Greta van Susteren would pay the price for Megyn Kelly’s new 9pm show on Fox News. And the winner is Shep, the best of all the Fox newcasters. He’s lost his 7pm show. Sean Hannity will probably get it. This leaves Greta at 8, Megyn at 9 and Bill O’Reilly at 10pm.  Shep keeps his 3pm show, renamed, and a new second job: director of breaking news.

Who knows what that means? He’ll be breaking in all day to deliver “headlines”? That sounds pretty demanding and unlimited.

No one was better at responding to breaking news than Shep when I was at Fox. But breaking news is over by 8pm on most days. That 7 to 8 hour is the time everyone sweeps up and sums up the day. After that, even murderers, politicians, and celebrities go to dinner and the theater. I hope it works out for Shep. Someone sent out a press release on this, I didn’t get it, and of course Brian Lewis (haha) isn’t there.

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