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I just got a press release saying that the off Broadway hit “Buyer and Cellar” has recouped its investment in record time– nine weeks. But the press release doesn’t mention that star Michael Urie– who knocks out audiences with his imitation of Barbra Streisand– is leaving for productions in Chicago and Los Angeles in 2014. A casting call went out yesterday looking for his replacement to begin in December.

The description: [ALEX MOORE] (Male Early 30s): An underemployed actor living in L.A., who gets hired to work in the shopping mall in Barbra Streisand’s basement. Sweet, smart, funny, but a bit timid in his career, Alex enthusiastically tells the story of his employment and budding friendshipwith the diva, while also taking on the characters of Barbra, James Brolin, Alex’s opinionated Jewish boyfriend Barry, and Barbra’s officious house manager Sharon.

No one stays with a show very long anymore in New York. Actors sweep through, pick up awards, and leave town fast. Gone are the days of two year- or dare I say one year– runs. Andrea Martin got her Tony for “Pippin” and was out in six months. “Matilda” is already changing casts. And so on. I’m told Urie is very good, so catch him before he departs.

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