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Hey, a little tabloid news from Toronto: I did run into Liam Hemsworth, “Hunger Games” star and brother of Liam Hemsworth at the party for “Rush,” Ron Howard’s totally great racing movie. Liam and Chris are like very handsome redwood trees. They are also taking Hollywood by storm, making women’s (and maybe men’s) hearts flutter. They are gracious, polite guys despite being unable to walk in public or be private at a party.

I did ask Liam a “tabloid” question. I mentioned how much I liked Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop” single, and that it’s extremely well produced. It sounds great on Z100. (It really does, I am not kidding.) I didn’t mention VMAs or X rated videos. His response would have spiked a zero on an EEG. He did say, “Thanks” but was it.  He looked a little dazed. I got the feeling he doesn’t want to hear about it.

Frankly, I think Miley’s whole “controversy” is a marketing plan. She is not stupid. Neither is her father. They’ve been in show biz a long time now. This is all a calculated move. The “shock” and “outrage” only works to their advantage. I’m getting a kick out of it. And also, let’s not forget, that girl can sing. That’s all that matters.  I hope Liam can weather the storm.

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