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It does seem like Michael Shannon can do just about anything. From “Boardwalk Empire” to one man shows off Broadway to General Zod in “Man of Steel,” Shannon has shown he a lot of range as an actor. His next  job, though may be his toughest assignment yet.

I am told that Shannon is circling the role of Elvis Presley for a new film about Elvis’s famous White House meeting with Richard Nixon. The photo of Elvis and Nixon is classic one and it’s already inspired a TV Movie from long ago in 1997. But a new film has been written, and Shannon is said to be signing on to play Presley.

elvis and nixonOf course, this Elvis is an older one. He met Nixon at the White House on December 21, 1970. He brought the president a gun, talked smack about the Beatles being anti-American, and in exchange received a sheriff’s badge. Nixon sent him a letter after the bizarre meeting. And bizarre it was because Elvis had literally run away from Graceland after a fight with his father over is overspending.

Shannon should be great at this. Who will play Nixon? Certainly not Frank Langella or John Cusack. But producers Holly Wiersma and Logan Levy, riding high on “Dallas Buyers Club,” will undoubtely find a star to match Shannon. Can’t wait!

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