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We await, as we do annually, the ballot from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for new inductees. So many have been left out over the years that’s it sort of mind blowing. In the here and now, both Sting and the group Bon Jovi stand out as waiting, waiting, waiting. Sting’s solo career is three times as long as his time with The Police. He should be in already. Bon Jovi is exactly what rock and roll is about: great songs, hard work, and perseverance.

This year, eligible for the first time is Nirvana. That should be a slam dunk among Jann Wenner’s nominating committee of friends, employees, and former staff. Melissa Etheridge would be the only other act that anyone could consider seriously in this year’s group unless you want to drag in Phish, Living Colour, or Kylie Minogue. No? Didn’t think so.

And then there is the long long list of acts who’ve been snubbed. Where do we begin? Carly Simon. Chicago. Hall & Oates. Linda Ronstadt. The Moody Blues. Billy Preston. Cat Stevens. Mary Wells. Todd Rundgren. And of course, Chubby Checker. And: Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, which didn’t make it the year Bruce was inducted. Shameful.

There’s more: how about Tina Turner? Roxy Music? Lou Reed? Steve Miller? There are also dozens of R&B acts who’ve been ignored. And several producers, from the late Phil Ramone to Richard Perry and so on.

The Rock Hall has been severely devalued in the last few years. Surely its meaning is not as heralded as it once was. But it would be nice, before the whole thing implodes, to tidy up and make sure the next inductees are ones who really deserve it.

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  1. Bon Jovi is and always will be the most insperational band and the only band that is for people not themselves they are the greatest band and always will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Since the Police are already in, Sting isn’t that much a priority (and his solo stuff is so so). Bon Jovi? Nirvana had a much deeper influence on music and was a game changer. Bon Jovi was another big hair band. They can rock, but I would hope Nirvana would be the headliner.

    I love old R and B, but unless they actually played rock (and yes there was a transition period) I’m on the fence about them. I was annoyed that country acts get in. Country has it’s own hall of fame. Keep the likes of Hank Williams and other twang/ hick music out from now on. The country hall of fame would never let in say the Who.

  3. i was at he hof 2 weeks ago for the 1 st time- as much as i was in awe of the displays–especially the 50 year anniversary of the stones– that’s how i show much dismay i showed when i realized what great rockers from so many eras are not in—starting from neil sedaka and paul anka from the 50’s -how about 10 years after–was there a better guitarist then ALVIN LEE -other than eric clapton– and speaking about EC–they REALLY should have given him a lot more displays — as well as more info and display for the greatful dead–and woodstock–

    all in all i enjoyed the HOF , and do recommend it—buy they are really are lacking in there lack of inductees

  4. Hall of Fame doesn’t know what Rock & Roll is. Look how many they have left out. So many artists that should have been there already. I mean, Bon Jovi have been around for 30 years, and Jon Bon Jovi solo work has to fit in there too. Why aren’t they in yet? Instead they pick Neil Diamond? Really? How rock is he? And no offense to Madonna whom I love very much, but, Madonna …. Rock…… Really? I don’t know or think they know what Rock means. Should Bon Jovi not be nominated and elected again, I think the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame should be the Rock & Roll Hall of Shame.

  5. I think I’d rather be in the demographic that has been overlooked, although “snubbed” is brutally honest. The Hall of FAME perhaps goes to the bone. True musicians don’t chase fame or fortune. They’re compelled to create and express from the heart. It can be a solitary, cathartic, and highly personal journey. If the work profoundly connects with even one other person, it’s reward enough.

  6. doubt bon jovi will be nominated this year with the intraband controversies unless they want an explosive induction ceremony if they get voted in plus they are not a veryinfluential–record sales mead nada to the hall….

    tina was imducted 22 years ago with ike–doubt she will get a solo nod…checker tried buying his way in with ads and failed–he aint going to be nominated…The E Street Band is not in due to a technicality as they are hired hands not a real band in Springsteen’s contract with Columbia…

    most of your wishes will not make the ballot in a yeat the nomcom tries to get in as many also rans from previous ballots as they can..

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