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UPDATE: Toronto Film Festival just announced there will be a special screening of “Salinger” tomorrow, Sept 5th, at 8pm– in direct competition with the fest’s opening night, I might add.

Earlier: All the news about J.D. Salinger– Nazi first wife, new books coming in 2015, etc– has sparked sales on amazon.com and Barnes & Noble’s website. “The Catcher in the Rye,” first published in 1951, is number 10 on amazon and number 30 on bn.com. The new “Salinger” book by Shane Salerno and David Shields is number 66 on amazon and number 7 on bn.com. That’s all pretty amazing. But the “Salinger” documentary The-Catcher-in-the-Ryeis released  Friday to theaters. And on Sunday, Jean Miller, who was the 14 year old girl who inspired “Esme,” a Salinger character, appeared on “CBS Sunday Morning.” That show really sells books. Are all the people buying “Catcher” just phonies? Probably. We’re lousy with ’em, goddammit.

PS Salinger is not available on Kindle or iBooks, no ebooks whatsoever. Of course.

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