Home Television HBO Announces “True Blood” Last Bite Will Be Season 7

It’s the end of “True Blood.” The hit HBO series about vampires living in New Orleans will film 10 more episodes for a final seventh season. The season will air next year. The end of Alan Ball’s hit show is not a surprise. At the end of Season 6, Alexander Skarsgaard burst into flames. The show lurched forward before the last scene, by six months. It was clear the producers and writers were preparing for a wrap up. Stars Skarsgaard, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, and many others on the show, have become big deals since “True Blood” took off. The cast was getting expensive, and contract re-negotiations were becoming more and more difficult. Better to get out on top. Like other HBO faves, “True Blood” will live on on cable and DVD. Syndication is possible, but weird considering how X rated the show is. But they did it with “Sex and the City.” Ball has now done shows set in a funeral parlor (Six Feet Under) and the living dead. His next series should be called “Sitting Shivah.”

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