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MDA– I don’t get it. They just continue to play word games. It’s all semantics. On their website tote board this morning they’re touting over $54 million raised. You mean last night? From the telethon? No. No No. It’s right there, hiding in plain sight under the numbers: “MDA families thank the generous American public, and the collective contributions of our partners recognized on the telethon, for raising funds to continue the progress in the fight against muscle disease.”

Got that? I bolded the important wording. “The collective contributions of our partners recognized on the telethon.” That’s all the money they’ve collected all year– I suppose it’s since January 1st, 2013. The money collected from big corporations like JiffyLube who became defacto advertisers on the two hour ABC special non-telethon.

In fact, the digital tote board on the website showed just $13 million raised after two hours, and $17 million at 11:23pm. And even that fell under the “collective contributions” rubric.

How much money was raised during that actual broadcast? I think ABC has a mandate to break that down as they allowed this fundraiser on a regular network. If MDA announces $54 million raised on the telethon, ABC is going to have a lot of explaining to do.

Meantime, questions persist about that MGive Foundation, which collected the text message donations. Read my story from last night.

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  1. I think youre missing the point here. So what if the total being shown is from just those two hours or if its a collective of all the money presented to MDA on that night. The point is that muscular dystrophies and ALS are awful diseases, and without the MDA and all of the genorous people who donated the people effected by these diseases would be without a helping hand and the research for finding a cure would slowly fizzle out because of financial constraints. Why nit-pick and acuse a non-profit of playing words games?

  2. Live or recorded? Donation by text or 800 # or official website? Tally of donation from year-long collection from companies or from a 2 hour program? What matters is that the awareness for MDA is still there. Jerry Lewis brought a unigue way to take notice of MDA and raise money for cures and aid to families suffering from MDA. As a child I remember Labor Weekend being about the telethon, for my family it wasn’t about camping or beaches or grilling selected meats. I am grateful there is still a source for the awareness of MDA, cancer research, MS, etc. OMG ,saddly the list goes on and on! If the telethon was reduced to a 2 hour recorded program and money was still raised, then that is success for the prupose that is much needed. The stories, successful or succumbing to the illness, were emotional. I smiled, I cried and I donated. The awareness is still there and that is all that matters.

  3. The website has been taking donations since earlier this week (so people could text or go online and donate towards the telethon before hand). The money from major sponsors is NOT included in that total.

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