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Box office: One Direction fans are simply not flocking to the box office to the boy band of 2013. So far “This Is Us” started with a strong Thursday-Friday $8 million take, then fell more than 50% and did $4 million on Saturday and pretty much the same today. The total now is $17 million. Meanwhile Lee Daniels’ “The Butler” looks like it could take the four day weekend. “The Butler” has improved each day over the weekend, the inverse of One Direction. Are One Direction fans simply not spending the money for tickets with back to school supplies needed? The box office response is simply not the tsunami that one might have predicted.

Elsewhere: Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine” has crossed the $20 million mark. Its next magic line will be $23.2 million, which was the total for “Vicki Cristina Barcelona.” Then $40 mil for “Hannah and Her Sisters” and $56 million for “Midnight in Paris.” All signs point to the first and maybe second landmarks. Plus awards season will churn it up again.

And Jennifer Aniston has a bona fide hit “We’re the Millers.”All that pole dancing paid off. The reviews weren’t very good, and early box office was so- so. But “We’re the Millers” has turned into the summer comedy hit, a choice away from all the heavy stuff. It may not be a classic comedy, but it’s a relief for searing temperatures.

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