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Exclusive: details are still sketchy, but I am told that the Whitney Houston estate is putting together a documentary about the late singer. Executor Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law, is said to be the executive producer. The film could offer rare home footage and that sort of thing, but it certainly won’t be an objective film about Whitney’s rise and fall. It will most likely be a tribute film, much like the current One Direction infomercial in theaters now.

One thing about so-called documentaries about star singers: you can’t make ’em unless the principle performer or their estate agrees not to block rights usage of music and/or likeness. If a journalist were to make a film about Whitney Houston, the estate would block the rights to use her music. It’s too bad, because an actual doc about Whitney would try to examine what happened to her. This will likely be a rah-rah celebration.

We’ll see what happens, It will  be interesting to see how they handle Bobbi Kristina shacking up with the boy Whitney took in, and everything about Bobby Brown. That movie might be made in 20 years, but not now…

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  1. Whitney was generous to a falut, incuding to freeloaders. She was kind, beautiful and uber talented. When ares still out and about.When looking at a recent 60 Minutes story about Michael gong from broke to being worth billions since his death, I wonder why does Pat feel compelled to stay in the c list spotlight. Even worst is that Whitney’s brother condones and benefits too. Why not sign with those who specialize in managing dead iconic celebrities. Whitney’s father was the most business savvy and he gone, but instead of this kind of simplistic showtime special, get folks who know what they are doing so that he legacy is as long as it should be. Michael is even on Pepsi cans, a huge surprise following their departure with the relationship post multiple molestation trials. Whitney followed Michael with a huge Coke endorsement, but the company is commemorating Diet Coke, but I haven’t seen Whitney, a peiiod in her life when she was most radiant. The world still loves her. Pat and mooches just need to get out of the way, hire an firm specializing in managing dead iconic celebs, and move on. If only her dad were around to put folks in their respective places. She was an amazing lady, and people the world over want her remembered accordingly. Her accomplishments in music, cinema, TV and production, and the early days of modeling must not be forgotten because of Pat and Gary. They are shameful. It’s about Whitney and her lasting legacy Pat, not a quick pay check for you to pay your mortgage now that she is gone.

  2. Well, we have been fed (up) for months about all the drama, and negative aspects about Whitney! So, as a fan, I’ll be happy to watch anything about her. Nobody can deny facts, sadly they belong to of her life and story.
    Why must it be a deep analysis of the whys, why not dwell on the diva side, which is what she was In the first place? Any deeper insight, I will welcome, but like many other artists, whose lives ended just as bad, doesn’t she deserve a kind and favorable documentary? So, let it be!

  3. I adore sweet Nippy. This lady is “Simply The Best”. So anything is great to watch or read on her as long as it is true!! This lady is truly beautiful inside and out!

  4. I adore sweet Nippy. This lady is “Simply The Best”. So anything is great to watch or read on her as long as it is true!! This lady is truly beautiul inside and out!

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