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Everyone can calm down. Lindsay Lohan is just fine, thanks. She didn’t show up at the Venice Film Festival because she says she wasn’t supposed to be there. Whew! Lohan emailed me this afternoon: “I’m great! Thank you! No I wasn’t set to go. Just staying focused on me and my recovery :)”

Frankly, Lohan is smart to work on her sobriety and not get any more involved with “The Canyons.” Director Paul Schrader and porn star James Deen handled the movie’s press conference in Venice just fine from what I can tell. But the film did poorly, was reamed by critics, and has ended its life in the U.S.

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Lindsay is moving forward from that bad choice. She’s filming an episode of “Eastbound & Down” for HBO and making more plans for quality productions. Let’s hope she has a tranquil Labor Day weekend.

PS Lindsay gave “The Canyons” a nice plug on her website, and published a picture from the photocall today. Very classy!

P.S. Radar is reporting Lindsay may host the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live.” Can’t wait! www.radaronline.com

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  1. boy,this says so much about Hollywood,,,,,,,,,,,,,there are around 360 million people in this country,,,,,,,,,and THIS is the best you have to give us????????????????

  2. B.S.! She has said previously she was going, and she told Paul Shrader she was going. Look at “the Canyons” facebook page for the truth. NOTHING Lindsay does is classy.

  3. Lindsay, I have watched your movies since forever. I have always liked you very much. I do not want to comment on the past, but I do want to tell you that you REALLY, never looked better. You are very handsome and photogenic and funny.
    I wish you all the best for your future.

  4. I am wishing Lindsay all the best. Hang in there honey. I know you have it in you. You have gone through enough and now it’s time to really know YOU.

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