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The amazing Trudie Styler is finally coming back to the New York stage in “The Seagull” at the Culture Project. In May 2012 Styler led a gifted cast in a workshop production directed by Clark at the Culture Project. Now she and Clark and many of that cast are doing the show ‘for real’ beginning October 3rd with previews and opening on October 13th.

This means that Trudie, who studied with the Royal Shakespeare Company, saves the rainforest, produces films (the upcoming “Black Nativity” with Jennifer Hudson), and has four superior children, will be on stage at the same that her husband, a man named Sting, is performing around the corner at the Public Theater.

Sting is doing ten shows from September 25th to October 9th showcasing music from his Broadway show “The Last Ship” and raising money for the Public. Whew!

That May 2012 master class was a winner, conducted as an open rehearsal– although by the time I saw it, it was very polished. Styler surprises people every time she works because is such an accomplished actress. She’s quite serious, and extremely talented. (Am I fawning? You bet!)

And this “Seagull,” adapted by Thomas Kilroy, has been moved in a new adaptation from Russia to Ireland. It works beautifully. But it’s going to be hard work running back and forth between the Public and 45 Bleecker for this extremely busy couple!

PS And yes, I did want to call this item “Vanya and Sonya and Masha and Trudie”!

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