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“American Idol” is still looking for a third judge and time is running out. It’s already August 27th. Only Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez are signed to return to the show. Former judge Randy Jackson will show up as a mentor– unless he has to be drafted back into a judge’s chair. “Dr Luke,” a very successful top 40 producer, was going to be added. But he has a deal with Sony Music, and “American Idol” is all about finding acts for rival Universal Music Group. So now what?

Sony was represented on “Idol” by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith but no one seemed to mind since the group is older, and their fan base is set in stone. “Idol” now needs someone who’s either neutral or somehow connected to Universal. I think a great choice would be Bernie Taupin, whose records with Elton John are all distributed by UMG. He’s British, can be snarky, and certainly knows a hit sound when he hears it. He’s also not 12 years old.

But “Idol” is competing with “The Voice,” a show that boasts young rock and pop stars like Adam Levine and Shakira. But so far several candidates have turned “Idol” down either because they know the show’s popularity is waning, or their own careers are too busy. But the clock is ticking.

Who would you like to see in the third judges’ chair?

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