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Ronan Farrow isn’t going to like this but I’ve felt for some time that he’s the funniest person on Twitter. Following his account would be a lot like following his father, Woody Allen, if Woody knew what Twitter was. There’s no question that Farrow, a prodigy who finished all his schooling early, is very bright. He’s worked at the State Department for Hillary Clinton, he’s at Oxford now completing more studies or something. I’m not sure. But he Tweets like a pro, and his one liners are sharper than ever.

Tonight Farrow actually made me laugh out loud. When Justin Timberlake and NSync finished their performance, Farrow quipped:

Some of his other Tweets tonight:

And there have been other well crafted bon mots like this recent one:

The fact is, Ronan’s emails are equally divided between zany quips and little, earnest political reports. It’s as if his Woody side is trying to escape from his Mia side, but doesn’t know how. When the Woody side finally wins, expect to see Ronan on Jimmy Fallon’s couch ASAP.

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