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Exclusive: The great thing about the Telluride Film Festival is that no one knows what’s happening until you get there. No films are announced, and no programs. It’s like “Survivor” with platinum cards. You can only bring one wireless device and two cashmere sweaters. (Just kidding!)

Anyway. There are three tributes during the weeklong fest. I am hearing now that one of the tributes will be to Joel and Ethan Coen.  The Coens, of course, have “Inside Llewyn Davis,” a film I loved from Cannes with Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake and a cat no one will ever forget. They must have a terrific clip reel, including the wallpaper peeling in “Barton Fink” and Albert Finney singing “Danny Boy” in “Miller’s Crossing.” (Two great films you must watch if you’ve never seen them or have forgotten them.)

Meantime, I reported last week — and seems to be holding up– that Ralph Fiennes will be the second tribute. Fiennes has directed a film about the love life of that old rascal, Charles Dickens. He also has an enormous acting resume for clip viewing, from “Schindler’s List” to Harry Potter movies, “The Reader,” and my favorite, “In Bruges.” Fiennes will also get a tribute gala at the New York Film Festival in September.

And the third Telluride tribute? I think I know it, but we can wait til later. I wish I were going to Telluride. But I have to stay here and watch the tote board for the MDA mini-telethon.

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