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Ha ha. Well, all the old farts like yours truly declared the song of the summer of 2013 as either “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk or “Blurred Lines” from Robin Thicke. Not on tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards. You see the “fans” vote for Song of the Summer online. And rabid pre-teen fans of One Direction, the British boy band, have already made “Best Song Ever,” a throwaway single, the song of their summer.

Right now “Best Song Ever” has over 7 million votes. Seven million. By 9pm , when the show starts, One Direction could be up around 9 or 10 zillion. How many times can you vote? Early and often I’d say.

The runners up are Miley Cyrus–4 million for “We Can’t Stop.” Selena Gomez has 2 million.

And then the also rans: Calvin Harris with Elle Goulding “I Need Your Love” has 51,936; “Get Lucky” has 37,251′ and “Blurred Lines” is at a mere 34,081.

Biggest teen fan club wins, and cutest Tiger Beat guys.

Does MTV still play music videos? It must be at 3 in the morning because everytime I’ve sailed past it, it’s either “Real World” or the teen mom, or some other reality stuff. I thought the ‘M’ stood for marketing. Or merchandising. Or Meshugenah.

PS One Direction has had one great song, no kidding. That “What Makes You Beautiful” will be their legacy, the way “I Want it That Way” was for Backstreet Boys and “Bye Bye Bye” was for NSync and “Build Me Up Buttercup” was for The Foundations and “Sugar Sugar” was for the Archies.



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  1. Well Roger, count me as an old fart too, but I honestly don’t see any of these groups and singers being around 5 years from now. Esp. Miley Cyrus, who embarassed herself big time….is that girl on meth?
    Why do I say they won’t be around 5 years from now….let me count the number of boy bands that have withered and died (and oh yes, they are now reuniting because they’re either bored or need the money)….and the number of talentless (white) female singers whose only claim to fame is papparazzi fodder….(Gaga)
    The music business as we know it is on its death bed. The only true talents are the Adeles and Mumford and Sons, Emile Sande, and a few others who have class, know how to write and sing songs (quietly), have purpose in their lyrics….and DON’T TAKE OFF THEIR CLOTHES.

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