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#Batfleck is now a trending hashtag on Twitter. The internet is going batshit over Warner Bros.’ announcement that Ben Affleck will play Batman in the second “Man of Steel” movie with Henry Cavill as Superman. For some reason, the fact that Affleck has directed three fantastic movies in a row– “Gone Baby Gone,” “The Town,” and “Argo”– has completely escaped the reasoning. Also, Affleck won the Oscar for Best Picture and Best Director for “Argo.” Hello?

All of that has been forgotten. Fanboys are focused on Affleck’s past failures, like “Daredevil” and “Gigli.” Ridiculous? Yes. But Warner Bros.’ contempt for the press, and their curious way of handling announcements, got them into this bind. Who announces such an important thing without a build up? And late in the evening, New York times, when only bloggers can control the news? Warner Bros. deserves what it gets for botching their own announcement. They had no advocates, only naysayers.

The result is an online petition to stop Affleck, and Twitter aflame with people making jokes– even Richard Dreyfuss and Albert Brooks.


I think Ben will make a great Batman. With Robin Williams as Alfred, Matt Damon as Robin, Jennifer Lopez as Catwoman, and Casey Affleck as the Riddler.

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  1. I fail to see the whole reasoning behind them even bothering fans of DC Comics he would make a good batman. The whole thing is stupid because we don’t care if he was good as a director or even a producer or better yet if he played good in any other role. The fact still remains that he screwed up one DC character and now we are suppose to sit aside and hope he doesn’t screw up another. No matter if he does well or not the fact still remains these companies need to start listening to the fans and stop doing what they want to do otherwise they will see who actually have the power to make or break a movie. Just for the simple fact that Warner Bros. decided to ignore it fans I don’t see this movie even breaking anywhere near a box office hit.

  2. This is a completely absurd and superficial article. The only point you made was that a big announcement needs to be handled properly. You claim to know something about Hollywood and also insist that because an actor has directed several good movies, a movie he is acting in will necessarily be good as well. This is NOT going to be directed by Ben Affleck! This is going to be a Zack Snyder movie, and he has many well-known issues with actually putting together a coherent narrative. In fact, he has so many issues with this, that the only movies he makes that are really good are the ones where it is SUPPOSED to feel like you are on drugs while watching it. I suspect Snyder’s movies are better if you watch them while high, but I have not tried this myself. Ben is going to be handed a script and will do and say what they tell him. He will then be edited under the supervision of spaced-out-Snyder, and the resultant hallucinogenic goo will be splashed on big screens for us (doubtlessly in 3D for lots of extra money). The problem here isn’t really Affleck, it’s that he really isn’t ideal, and the fact that he was cast demonstrated a typical lack of much thought on Zack’s part. If ONLY Affleck were starring and directing, you might be able to make some kind of point by citing Argo. As it is, you just make yourself sound ridiculous to anyone who understands movies at all.

  3. I can honestly say I despise Ben Affleck. His political views indicate he is a pro-government shill. He thinks it is funny that Americans are groped by the TSA and said so on a TV talk show. Affleck is anything but a crime fighter. He likes the government committing crimes against Americans. Bad casting in the worst way.

  4. wow, this is a movie I won’t even rent on a dvd Redbox machine. Mr. Friedman claims that Aff won the besr director Oscar which is of course wrong. It was won by Ang Lee for that water movie I think was called “Pi.” If they make that Batman/Superman movie, I won’t pay $9 to see a Boston-liberal Affleck trying to be better than christopher Bain…Affleck is a softy!

  5. Ben Affleck has proven to be quite a talent, more so than many others in Hollywood. If I were the one making the film, I wouldn’t care what the public would think because I believe the decision to cast him is a wise one.

  6. No. Nononononononooooooooo. No to ben as batman. Just no. This has nothing to do with others’ opinions…you may as well have cast crispin glover. Actually, that would be more believable.

  7. Ben Afflack would be better if he just went away. Can’t stand that liberal brat who was a one hit wonder. He’s totally over-rated, along with the rest of his bratty posse. Heck, get rid of them all and start over again. Hollywood sucks.

  8. It doesn’t matter that he has won awards for directing, Roger. Affleck won’t be directing the Superman/Batman movie – he will be acting in it. So your first paragraph is invalid. His acting is sub-par and he doesn’t have the physical presence to be a convincing superhero.

  9. Well when they announced in the long ago that Michael Keaton was to be Batman it brought about a firestorm of criticism! Not only did he still get the part but he was absolutely fantastic. It totally rejuvenated the crimefighter/comic book film franchise. If it had not been for that bit of off the wall casting, I wonder if the Batman movies would even be viable?
    So Ben Affleck? Who’s to say he won’t be the best one yet?

  10. Just because Affleck starred in some critical acclaim movies doesn’t mean he can portray the complex character of Bruce Wayne/Batman. He even lacks the “brooding” look.

    People keep bringing up Keaton, Ledger, and Craig. What people don’t understand when Batman (1989) came out….no one truly knew who Batman was, other than the character they see portrayed by Adam West in re-runs and various cartoons like The Super Friends. Therefore when Keaton took on the role, he defined the character away from the campy perception and that fascinated people. Sean Connery did the same thing for James Bond when re-defined the character away of Ian Fleming original perception. Same thing can be said with Heath Ledger. Heath Ledger just didn’t act out the Joker, he made it his own. Plus…let’s face it, Ben Affleck is NO Heath Ledger. Ledger list of character portrayal include pretty much everything, including a gay cowboy. Ben Afflecks’ creds as an actor doesn’t even come close to Ledger’s. As Daniel Craig….he re-define role of James Bond thanks to the decision to re-boot the character. What roles among his one dimensional dramas and chick flicks can evidence to Ben Affleck’s acting range to portray Bruce Wayne? Case and point: Look at Christian Bale’s list of movies before Batman Begins. Just look at his roles! It’s no contest. From Jesus to the memorable Patrick Bateman (from American Psycho) to the memorable Trevor Reznik (from the Machinist) to ultimately Bruce Wayne….without question Christian Bale was qualified.

    I’m sorry, Bruce Wayne/Batman is just out of Ben Affleck’s depth as an actor. I know Ben Affleck’s Hollywood friends are coming to his rescue, but even if 20 more decide to add their voice…it still won’t convince me.

  11. First off, Argo was okay. The fact that he won an oscar is only pay back from the liberal elite. Speaking of oscars, that whole process has gotten so political and so many second-rate performances are awarded one that they are becoming meaningless so save that carnard for those who don’t know any better. Second off, I can’t stand Ben Afflick regardless of his directing accomplishments and no matter how good the movie is, I will be boycotting it. He is a horrible pick, many many people agree, and at the end of the day, the numbers will prove me right.

  12. Who cares? I’m surprised anyone does and that this is a news story is really wacky. Someone plays this part, that part, you see a movie or you don’t. There’s nothing else in life but this? This is a crisis? 100,000 people have died so far in a civil war in Syria, among other tragedies today. And people care who plays what role in what movie? What role do you play in your own life?

  13. I don’t see what the big deal is, but then I liked Daredevil (I also liked Howard the Duck and 1941, so go figure). Ben Affleck is a good actor, he can handle the physicality, and he’s got to be better than George Clooney … c’mon, folks, lighten up. The movie’s about Superman and Batman, not Ben Affleck …

  14. Oh my god people disagree with my opinion I’m going to write an article and use ad hominem rhetoric on people who don’t think just like me. Welcome to the good ol’ Self Centered US of A.

  15. Inaccurate article. Get your facts straight. Affleck didn’t win the Oscar for Best Director. He wasn’t even nominated. Hello?

  16. Afflek DIRECTED some very awesome movies. And STARRED in a lot of shitty ones. This is the part that’s too complicated for you to understand. But it’s an important part.

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