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EXCLUSIVE: You’ve got to hand it to the friends of Xenu: they are a clubby bunch. Earlier this summer Michelle Stafford, a top celeb Scientologist, left her Emmy winning role on CBS’ “The Young and the Restless” after 16 years. No one knows why exactly. Stafford told the soap opera press she was “done.” Her role will likely be recast.

So what did Stafford leave for? To make a YouTube series with her Scientology pals. “The Stafford Project” so far is just two episodes, each around 9 minutes long. The “project” is a reality series in small installments, all about Stafford’s so called real life as a single mom of a baby delivered by surrogate.

But what “The Stafford Project” hasn’t addressed yet is that everyone involved in it is a Scientologist. No less than two of them actresses named Paige– Goodman and Long. They are all well versed students of L. Ron Hubbard. They write and produce the show with Stafford. Goodman (then called Paige Dorian) was ex-member Lisa Presley’s assistant and minder for eight years according to reports.

So far all the male actors are members of the cult, too– Sevier Crespo and Robert Filios, as well as actor Eric Matheny.

And they’re not alone. The composer of music for “The Stafford Project,” Holly Palmer, has a long list of Scientology courses under her own at www.truthaboutscientology.com

Stafford has been with Scientology since 1990, and has worked her way up to OTVII, which means she may have secret information about desert rendezvous with aliens. Stafford had been married several times on “Y&R,” kidnapped, tried to run enemies down with her car, but never got to play that story out. Maybe she will on “The Stafford Project.”

Ex-Scientologist and vocal critic Mike Rinder has an interesting take on Stafford’s peculiar exit from “The Young and the Restless.” He says it’s because Stafford would not work on the same show  as another ex-cult member, actor Michael Fairman, who plays the recurring character of Murphy. http://www.mikerindersblog.org/voldemort-19-july/

Fairman left Scientology in the last couple of years because he didn’t agree with David Miscavige’s controversial leadership. “Y&R” also boasts at least one other Scientologist in its cast– Sharon Case, a milquetoast actress who’s been taking courses since 1986. Her character, also named Sharon, was recently diagonosed with bi-polar disorder in order to explain her sociopathic behavior.

Also read Tony Ortega’s excellent piece on Fairman who told him, “I kind of dislike [Tom Cruise] for what he has allowed to go on.”



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  1. So disappointed to discover Michelle is a cult freak. I cannot support any follower of scientology, no matter how talented an actor they may be.

  2. LOL @ Ran Ra Tann, but he/she is spot on. I had no idea Michelle was into Scientology. Does she know that one day her little child will one day be sent out on that huge Scientology cruise ship and Michelle will never see her again? That is not a religion. It’s a godless cult just as Ran mentions. As far as I know, Scientology wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for it’s Star followers like Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley and John Travolta. They, and you Michelle, help to promote the cult to others with average incomes because that’s how Scientology works. You have to pay them to learn more about it. Anyways, off the religion or lack of it, you made a dumb mistake doing this mindless Youtube thing. The Stafford Project #3 boasts only 20,000 hits so what does that tell you? And you even had Joshua Morrow star in that episode and still it flunked out on hits. I think you need to wake up, girl. Y & R is where you belong. Sometimes you just dont know when you pass up a great gig but you did. Your character will most likely be replaced and I’m sure they’ll find the perfect person to do it. No one is expendable these days except Jeannie Cooper. And wasn’t that great timing on your part not to be there after she died in real life? That’s sad.

  3. I never knock anyone else’s religious beliefs. That said, it is hard to recast anyone on Y&R. The new Abby is compared to her effervescent predecessor, and found wanting. Kathrine could not be replaced. Neither can Victor or Nikki or Nick or Jack, That said, the writers really are so great with their unexpected plot twists that we will keep watching. Best scenario for Phyllis’ character is to stay in a coma, and see how that works out for the characters on the show. Otherwise, let the recasting begin, because losing Katherine, and soon after Phyllis would be anti-climactic.
    Our confused and self-involved Summer will take Nikki and Abby’s advice to cope with her misconstrued paternity, until……. lo and behold, she needs a blood transfusion. But better yet, Jack, Victor, Nick or Noah, no wait for it… Kyle could need one.

  4. Another lost fool, Michelle Stafford should stand on her own and not be swayed to the stupid ways of Scientology, this proves she”s a follower and not a leader. To walk away from something for something stupid is something she will, someday soon regret, following a cult. Michelle stand up and be yourself don’t follow the herd ,it’s not to late to get your Y&R job back, hey unemployment
    SUCKS and being a lost follower also SUCKS. If Scientology told you to Drink the poison Koolade
    would you ? well your already lost, and being a Scientology follower , your now a looser. Pick yourself up off the floor and stand tall before it’s Way Too Late.

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