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It’s an interesting turn of events in Marvel land. “Spider Man: Turn off the Dark” had the second biggest drop last week. It was down 7.1% from the week before, making just $1.025,000. “Spider Man” is not raking in the big bucks anymore– the $1.5 mil and $1.7 mil of last year or earlier this year. And there are still no plans for a national tour or even another city where the most expensive show in history can try its luck. There’s no noise even about a Las Vegas production.

Now, producer Michael Cohl and his “Spider Man” gang have announced a new extravaganza: a live action Marvel heroes show to be presented in a tent structure the size of two football fields. Will Spider Man be one of those heroes? The real question is how could he be? Wouldn’t that dilute from the Broadway show?

The Marvel heroes spectacular — with multimedia technology, original 3D animated movies and a 4D motion ride– is said to cost $30 million (so that means $50 mil on a good day)–and will tour the US in 2014.

And our “Spider Man”? Star Reeve Carney is finally leaving the show this month. All of the original cast is gone. This summer the show cancelled one performance when the crew noticed something wrong with the mechanics. Then a dancer was injured, cutting short another performance.

PS Time Warner Cable keeps showing the recent “Amazing Spider Man” movie over and over on Channel 2 in New York while they refuse to carry CBS. The Andrew Garfield film seems like it’s on an endless loop. That can’t be helping the Broadway show.

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