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Ben Affleck has been anointed the new Batman. He succeeds Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Batman-Superman movie. Henry Cavill continues from “Man of Steel” as Clark Kent. This isn’t Affleck’s first comic book hero. He played “Daredevil” years ago in a film that, like so many of his early 2000s offerings, was a bust. Affleck is a bit of a surprise to play Bruce Wayne, but there’s no doubt that his now steady association with Warner Bros. didn’t hurt. After all. Affleck brought WB an unlikely Best Picture Oscar for “Argo” this year. But for most people who thought Joseph Gordon-Levitt would inherit the cowl and cape, this is a twist in the plot. It does seem as though the studio and director Zack Snyder decided to go a little older with Affleck (I can’t believe I’m considering Ben Affleck “older.”) But he’ll make a fine Bruce Wayne, a little more Adam West than Bale. No word yet if Matt Damon will play Robin.

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