Home Celebrity Kathie Lee Gifford Wants to Become an Orthodox Rabbi

Kathie Lee Gifford, who has a Jewish father and is a Born Again Christian, now wants to become an orthodox rabbi. I kid you not. On her Today show segment with Hoda Kotb, Kathie Lee made the pronouncement quite emphatically. “I want to go to Yeshiva University,” Gifford said. “I want to get my rabbinical Orthodox degree.”

“I want to understand what [Hebrew] words mean and what the context is. I’m fascinated by that stuff.”

Kathie Lee’s original name was Epstein. Her father is Jewish. Her mother was not. The family was raised in the Christian faith. Gifford got her career as a Christian country singer. She has always emphasized her Christian beliefs on TV. But I’m not surprised, actually. I always thought this would happen. Mazel tov, Kathie Lee!

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