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A shocking season 6 finale for “True Blood” last night on HBO: Eric, played by popular sex symbol, Alexander Skarsgaard, went up in flames. You could say Skarsgaard was “burned out” doing the show as his film career is hotter than a searing flame. Ha ha. Anyway, vampire Eric was reading a book, completely naked, sitting outside in the Swedish snow. As you do. And suddenly the Northern sun just starting burning him up. His last scene was was fully frontal and engulfed in flames. Now, even on “General Hospital” you could live through that. But it does seem like Eric might be completely dead. It’s a good cliffhanger until “True Blood” returns next year. Insiders told me recently that HBO was renegotiating a lot of “True Blood” contracts. Skarsgaard’s finale could well be linked to that. If he re-signs, someone will rush in with a fire extinguisher.

Next time, Eric, use a stronger SPF.

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  1. It’s Skarsgård, not Skarsgaard.
    And no, Swedes don’t sit alone among the fjälls and read. How did he get his gear there, naked, btw? ;) And the scene is rather disappointing – you don’t get to see much of the “full frontal” before a disappointing fire engulfs everything.

  2. I’m so disappointed with True Blood. Is this what they thought fans wanted? To trot Alex out like some ratings whore is disgusting and disrespectful to him and fans. I’m sure he has no problems with nudity, and lord knows I don’t have problems with his nudity either….just look at him! He’s beautiful and he has a beautiful body to match, but to promote that scene as something provocative for the ladies and gay men??? Seriously? GTFO of my TV room with that insulting nonsense. Eric was naked, burning and screaming in pain, you sick f**cks. This is what you think grabs women and gay men. Buckner and his writing team should lose their jobs over this. You trash every character and every relationship on that show to prop up Moyer….again and essentially pimp out Alex to put butts in seats in the process. You have no story to tell anymore, so this is what we get. No thanks, True Blood. No thanks, HBO. Skarsgård (note the spelling, by the way) is better than this. His character deserves better than this cheaply devised cliff hanger. Shame on you for disrespecting fans, True Blood. I hope Alex stays far, far away from this show. His movie career is taking off, and he’s outgrown True Blood. Either way, I, like many others voicing their opinions in the aftermath across the internet, won’t be returning and HBO can keep their subscription.

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