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Debbie Rowe and Randy Jackson, her former brother in law, are having a fight on Twitter. The subject seems to be Debbie’s daughter Paris, 15, who’s been “away” now for quite a while after a suicide attempt this past spring. Randy, known for preying on brother Michael for money, started questioning tonight on Twitter why Paris, a niece he’s never had much use for, is still under lock and key in a sleep away school for troubled teens. Debbie, who loves fighting with people on Twitter, didn’t cotton to Randy’s observations. Paris, it should be noted, hasn’t been heard from since June 4th, after being incredibly open and public with her social networking. In the weeks leading up to her suicide attempt Paris had gotten much friendlier with Rowe, her biological parent. A month before the suicide attempt she’d signed with a major Hollywood manager.

These Tweets from Randy preceded that one:

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