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Ben Affleck doesn’t seem to care that the New York Times thinks the Clinton Foundation is in disarray. Here’s the message Affleck sent out today:

President Clinton and I built our careers in very different fields, but as fathers and humanitarians, we share a core belief: that the work we do each day should make the world a little better.

His unwavering commitment to helping people build a better future for themselves and their families has never ceased to amaze me, and inspires my own work to help improve the lives and communities in eastern Congo.

So, I hope you’ll join me in sending a message of thanks and support to celebrate the birthday of a great humanitarian, leader, and friend, President Bill Clinton

The goal of the Clinton Foundation is not just to give immediate assistance, but to provide the tools and opportunities to help people create their own better future. And together with President Clinton, you are making that happen.

And with your support, the Clinton Foundation has helped 5 million people access lifesaving HIV/AIDS medication – and revolutionized the market so that other lifesaving treatments, including malaria medicines and vaccines, are more readily available to millions. The Foundation has also helped 21,000 Malawian farmers increase their harvests and incomes – and helped build communities that are self-sustaining.

In honor of his birthday, send a message of thanks to the incredible person whose vision has inspired so much progress around the world.

President Clinton is usually the first to say that we’re all in this together – and that it will take commitments from you, me, and people everywhere to face the big challenges of our time.

I believe that wholeheartedly – and it’s why I think President Clinton will be especially delighted to hear from you on his birthday and know that we’re all ready to make that commitment together.


Ben Affleck

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