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UPDATE SATURDAY MORNING: “Applause” is now number 4 on iTunes, 8 on amazon. I’m surprised. Where are all the Little Monsters?

EARLIER: Not much applause for Lady Gaga‘s comeback single “Applause.” Rushed into release this week, “Applause” didn’t make number 1 or number 2 on the iTunes chart. It finished 3rd, with only about 225,000 downloads so far.

Number 1 is Katy Perry’s “Roar,” an anthemic, sort of banal offering. But its success is fueled by her romance with John Mayer, and their constant tabloid publicity. Mayer also has a new album coming, and there’s a duet from the two popstars.

Perry is also ahead of Gaga at amazon.com, with “Roar” at number 2 and “Applause” at number 4.

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Meantime, Lady Gaga is taking a very different kind of marketing path– going very artsy, edgy, and dark. She’s released an art video of her naked (no one seemed to care). She’s making strange declarations about pop being dead, etc. It’s a downer for teen fans. Is Gaga becoming Yoko?

The other problem is so many Gaga tracks “leaking” all at once including one this week called “The Greatest Thing” with Cher. Gaga seems disorganized. Perry is focused. The charts are the result.

The difference between the two songs? As my old friend Michael Zilkha of Ze Records used to say, a hit single has the sound of triumph. And that’s the Katy Perry. Lady Gaga’s song might be better, but it doesn’t have that feeling to it. Her Cher song does. She re-consider not making it a duet.

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  1. What do I think.
    Well, I think you are foolishly ignoring the fact that there was no marketing campaign, Gaga had to rush out the single because of a leak, and there was no foundational marketing, social media, etc to support it. So number three, for a song that just came out a couple of days ago, that most people thought was coming out months from now? Well that makes logical sense.

  2. Ga Ga is washed up and out of ideas for being outrageous which is all she had going for her. Perry is actually just going on her talent which is far superior to Ga Ga`s. That is the difference.

  3. Well. Gaga’s music, as we all know, can be written by a computer algorithm. Same intor, same beat, same everything. BORING. She was interesting when she ws new. But, she has now conpacted Madonna’s decades long slide into skin drenched irrelevance into a couple of years.
    As for Perry. My god it is awful. Couldn’t even listen more than a third way through it.
    Where have all the musicians gone??? I gueass they know their audience of moronic tasteless droids. I fear for the human race.

  4. THe headline says “Artflop” Correct me if I am wrong, but would this not have to be “art” prior to being an “art-flop” Just sayin’….

  5. I think Lady Gaga has always been a marginal talent who intentionally exploited pop culture for her 15 mins of fame. She’s yesterday’s news and no artist. She was never appreciated for her “art” in the first place so there is no foundation in her pop fanbase for that kind of wor. She’s also an obnoxious, arrogant twat, and I couldn’t be happier to see her fail.

  6. Lady Gaga is sort of like that fruitcake your crazy aunt sends you for Christmas. You either like her or you don’t. I’m in the later list. I would probably sit her in a closet to rot!

  7. Gaga is utterly infantile and completely immature. The only time her name enters my mind is when someone else brings her to my attention.

  8. Both are terrible. I can’t even tell their voices apart. Lady Gaga got lost in the early 90s, and I recognized a Kylie riff in there lifted from fever, can’t remember the song. Katy Perry–wait, did I just watch Pop-Up video on MTV? Gee, you tricked me bimbo. Horrendous.

  9. What do I think? I think anybody who buys any of the junk the industry peddles now days is as insane as this Lady Gaga woman appears to be.

  10. The problem with Gaga and other’s like her is when you’re shtick is the shock effect, you eventually run out of room to up the ante. Gaga is boring to me. The shock obscures any artistry that may exist.

    You know what? What if Lady gag decided to become normal? Now, THAT would be shocking!

  11. Bereft of any and all ideas, this poser has apparently seen Anne Hathaway’s SNL hosting gig,
    and has just copied Anne’s make-up and demeanor, whole-hog. This is not a compliment, Ga.

  12. Did anyone hear that Lady Gaga was beaten to number one by katy Perry ? ” Hoo ”
    You know Lady Gaga that super rock star? ” Hoo ” the one who always acts and looks like a section 8 but with money, ” Hoo “,
    oh never mind.

  13. I think that this is all immaterial…none of the people (other than Mayer) have an ounce of talent to do anything other than ensure a McDonald’s bag is properly packed. They’re nothing but a bunch of publicity prostitutes who are marketed by blind/deaf music executives.

  14. Lady Gag is sooo old news…. She was only a flash, and then a dim one at that… You can only hear the same joke so many times before it wears very thin….and starts smelling like an old raw meat dress….. “_)

  15. What do I think asks the bubble above the comment window? I think you should start showing my posts before I start sending you photos of the various turds I have laid in the last week.

  16. The bigginings of a has been. over the hill, nobody cares, another Madonna! She is old news, and on her way out. But then, I always thought she was a fake, deceptive and somewhat nuts as a fruit cake. just my Opinion.

  17. Gaga just needs to crawl back under her ugly stick and go away. She ruined her career with the thought that she needed to look like a freak show to sell anything. I’m sorry gaga fans but she’s a washed up hack!

  18. They’re not taking different paths. Music like this is sold based on the identity of the star. Katy is currently more successful at garnering attention (the Mayer romance as you mentioned) and Gaga is less successful going for ‘edgy’ (she’s never been edgy) because its gotten old, that’s why nobody cares. Nobody has ever had a distaste for Lady Gaga because “they don’t understand her” that’s just a shtick.

  19. if you want to know why Lady Gaga’s “Applause” is tanking, then take a look at the video. People in America are tired of the whole drag queen, gay-is-ok, transgender theme. Decide your audience and go after it but don’t be surprised if America rejects it.

  20. if you want to know why Lady Gaga’s “Applause”, take a look at the video. People in America are tired of the whole drag queen, gay-is-ok, transgender theme. Decide your audience and go after it but don’t be surprised if America rejects it.

  21. I am disappointed in Lady Gaga single. It sounds slapped together as if she is trying to hard to find a new style. I use to be a fan as well and went to her concerts…oh well.
    Katy Perry is building on the style that works for her and it sounds much better!

  22. When a singer performs at the white house their career is over; no matter the political persuasion. Katy will recover because she is just too dam nice. Gaga will fade into oblivion because she is just so dam strange.

  23. What do I think?

    I think lady gaga is a derranged mind control slave. She said herself that she has nothing to do with the content of her music. Heck our politicians are puppets and the music industry has pawned off puppets as musicians, and I’m not talking Jim Henson here. Even Katy Perry, she doesn’t write anything, she’s not a musician, she does what she is told for a paycheck. Same with GaGa goo goo, I don’t have a brain, I’m an air head lady GA GA GA GA. Jeez, even her name implies stupidity…. That’s what I think. I think if you want an Idol, or a role model, or someone you admire, you should pick someone who actually puts their own thoughts out there, not some representative of pedophile suit dummies in Hollywood.

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