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Sony took another hit or two today with some bad news about “Elysium”: on Monday night the Matt Damon sci fi flick finished second to Warner Bros.’ much disliked comedy “We’re the Millers.” And that’s not all: after the weekend’s numbers were counted, it turned out “Elysium” did less well than originally thought.

“Elysium” didn’t quite crack the $30 million mark as thought, coming in around $200K short. Neill Blomkamp’s $150 million feature  is shaping up as a box office failure despite excellent marketing and good reviews. That makes it Strike 3 for Sony’s summer of discontent along with “White House Down” and “After Earth.”

Monday is a cruel day because it’s adult night at the movie after a weekend in which kids rule the roost. On Mondays you can tell how movies for adults will do–and in this case, “Elysium” is suffering. On Monday, adults took a chance on a sitcomish comedy with Jennifer Aniston over people in the future living on a floating steering wheel.

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