Home Music Lady Gaga and Cher Together: More “Leaked” But this One’s a Hit

Great pop dance record. Lady Gaga’s daily unreleased track! The song is written by Lady Gaga with producer RedOne and was intended for Cher’s upcoming album. But someone leaked the proper version today with both ladies warbling their brains out. Someone had better put this out and fast. It’s a hit, you can really dance to it. It’s so amped I’m having sugar shock. The song is called “The Greatest Thing” and that pretty much describes it. If you like a song with an old fashioned hook, this is it.
PS The finished track will only appear on Cher’s new album, not on Gaga’s ARTPop. And it only has Cher’s vocals. Gaga isn’t on it.

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  1. I love it and totally agree. A throwback to the 90’s, when pop was actually dance and had a ton of hooks. Begging to be remixed and released. Will Warner /Cher have the brains to do so?

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