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I like Jennifer Aniston a lot, but I am baffled by the movies she picks. Tomorrow (Wednesday), “We’re the Millers” opens and it’s being trashed by the critics. So far it has a 20% on Rotten Tomatoes. Nearly everyone dislikes it. Jason Sudeikis co-stars. I hope he didn’t decide to leave “Saturday Night Live” based on this film’s success. “Millers” may have worse buzz than “Girl Most Likely”–a comedy with Kristen Wiig that opened Dead on Arrival.

Aniston has made a lot of money. She has excellent comic timing that is not well-suited to these hare-brained comedies directed by hacks. She should seriously think about getting into a hip HBO style comedy for TV. The pile up of her DVDs and airplane films is immense at this point. “Millers” wasn’t expensive– Warner Bros. says $30 million, so let’s say it’s $50 mil all in. But still, with those reviews– every major outlet has panned it– the film could be dead by Saturday morning. Stay tuned…

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