Home Celebrity Exclusive: Paul Bettany Directing Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Mackie in “Shelter”

Exclusive: Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly are part of the Brooklyn acting elite (at least I think they, as well as Emily Mortimer and Alessandro Nivola, are still in that popular borough). Now Bettany– best known for playing Russell Crowe’s imaginary friend in “A Beautiful Mind”– is making his directorial debut. He’s getting ready to film Connelly–who got an Oscar for the same film–and the great Anthony Mackie in “Shelter.” It’s a love story about two homeless people, written by Bettany. Stephen Graham (Boardwalk Empire, Parade’s End) is also cast, and the production has just sent out a notice for a variety of other players. Bettany will be filming all over the city during September, when everything looks terrific. Yes, it’s low budget. But it does sound like something we’ll see at next spring’s Tribeca Film Festival.

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