Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Ashton Kutcher on Steve Jobs, Fruit Diets, and Creating Efficiencies (Not Studio Apartments)


Taking on the role of Steve Jobs for the biopic “Jobs” landed Ashton Kutcher in the emergency room. Kutcher channeled the tech genius a little too closely he said Monday at a smallish press conference at the Waldorf Astoria.

Kutcher, 35, explained how he landed in the E.R.  “I went on this fruitarian diet and I read a book by this guy Arnold Ehret, which was a book that Steve read called ‘The Mucus-less Diet Healing System’ and it was kind of his dietary bible. It talked about the value of grape sugar and that that was the only pure sugar that you could have in your body.”

In a dramatic understatement, Kutcher added, “I think that the guy that wrote that book was pretty misinformed. My insulin levels got pretty messed up and my pancreas kind of went into some crazy, I don’t know, the levels were really off and it was really painful. I didn’t know what was wrong. And we figured out that my insulin levels were really off.”

Ehret died shortly after writing his book in 1922, by the way, at age 56. He fell and hit his head. He may have been weak from hunger, but we’ll never know.

Kutcher, like Job, says he’s also into efficiencies, and he does not mean small apartments.  “I love creating efficiencies,” he said, “and I love solving big problems and I love working with people who create efficiencies. I love creating efficiencies in my own life on a day-to-day basis and I think that that’s probably pretty similar.”

What is he talking about? He explained: “I bought a house five minutes away from my work so I didn’t have to drive through traffic. I figured out a way to organize my closet so that I can actually wake up and get dressed in the order that I like to dress and move right down a line in my closet, so I can start at one end and move to the other and by the end I’m done. I kind of have the thing set up so that I can wake up and get out of my house in about four minutes and get to work within 12 minutes from the time I wake up so I try to do a lot and accomplish a lot in a short period of time so I try to create as many efficiencies as I can.”


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