Home Celebrity Lindsay Lohan Extends Rehab, Comes Home Saturday

I wrote this night before last, but I see it got turned around elsewhere. So here’s the story: Yes, Lindsay Lohan was supposed to leave her 90 day rehab tomorrow, August 1st. But plans changed, and Lindsay comes back to New York on Saturday. She gets a few more days to spruce herself up. She’ll be in New York for a while, monitored by family, friends, and Oprah Winfrey’s documentary crew. Oprah’s people will be with her for 45 days. That way, says a source, it’s hoped she can’t get into too much trouble. Everyone is rooting for Lindsay to stay sober, get on the right track, and prove late director Robert Altman right about her acting talents. Last night, Ben Affleck’s publicist emailed me and said “everything you wrote is a lie and made up” about Lindsay “circling” Affleck’s new movie. Wow! I think he doth protest too much, don’t you?

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