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Where’s Brody? In the fictional world of “Homeland” everyone except Carrie believes he’s dead. And because of that, Emmy winning actor Damian Lewis will not appear in the first two episodes of the new season beginning September 29th on Showtime. WTH? This would be like if Don Draper or Tony Soprano were MIA from his own show. Lewis won the Emmy Award for Best Actor last September, and might even win again this September. You never know.

The news came yesterday in Los Angeles during the “Homeland” press conference for the Television Critics Association. The show’s producers say the reason is that since Brody is considered “on the lam,” he has to be off the show. Again, WTH? You could see building tension by not showing him right away in Episode 1. But two whole episodes? And it’s a little unclear from the comments if and how Lewis will show up again.  it also begs the question of what’s happened to his wife and children.

Lewis, a very much in demand British actor, could be pulling a Dan Stevens from “Downton Abbey.” He wanted off his show, and was killed off at the end of last season. Lewis is very busy, too. He’s already filmed ‘Downton’ creator Julian Fellowes’ “Romeo and Juliet” as Lord Capulet. Lewis and his actress wife Helen McCrory are also part of a big all star Civil War mini-series called “To Appomattox.” He’s shooting one film now called “The Silent Storm” and has at least one more on his docket called “The Lords of Magic.”

What he doesn’t have yet is his Colin Firth-type breakout film, like a “Pride and Prejudice” or “Bridget Jones Diary.” But that shouldn’t be too far off if Brody turns into a guest star in his own show.

Stay tuned…

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