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Carly Simon surprised a crowd of 50,000 last night at Taylor Swift’s stadium show in Foxboro, Mass. Dressed ever so hip and chic, Simon– who rarely performs and certainly not in stadiums– sang her mega hit “You’re So Vain,” the 1972 classic, with Swift. Carly is a real rock star– and Swift was wise to invite her to the show. Swift’s confessional songs still have a long way to go to get this good.

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  1. Loved that! Taylor, whether you like her or not (IMO she’s not a great singer, nowhere near it) writes for HER generation girls. And it works.

  2. What a great performance! I told my 9 year old daughter that Carly was the woman who sang “itsy Bitsy Spider”… A favorite of ours! She thought it was VERY COOL,!

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