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TV star and performer Alan Thicke has two sons: one is biological, the other is fictional. His biological son is Robin Thicke, the white soul singer who is married to scrumptious Paula Patton. The other is Kirk Cameron, who played Alan’s son the TV show “Growing Pains” in the 1980s. The boys have turned out very differently. Which do you like best? I give you Robin’s NSFW video for “Blurred Lines” and Kirk’s trailer for his new movie. You decide:

Robin Thicke:

Kirk Cameron:

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  1. I guess I’d have to take my chances with the douchebag over the homophobe who “doesn’t hate anybody”. Both are hard to cure, but there may be hope for Robin.

  2. Hands down – I’d rather be a follower of Kirk Cameron anyday. Robin
    Thicke would be too busy looking at himself or a bevy of nude women
    who are paid to fawn all over him. Kirk Cameron has some principles
    and that’s amazing since he was once paret of that Hollywood scene!

  3. Robin Thicke is disgusting. This video along with his VMA performance with Miley plus so-called open marriage to his wife…ugh. Now, Kirk Cameron, he’s a decent guy.

  4. Robin Thicke is disgusting. He’s a a complete pervert and animal, not just because of this video but also because of his VMA performance with Miley plus his “open marriage”, among other things. There’s no comparison to Cameron, a devout Christian who’s turned his back to the decadent and ultimately destructive Hollywood lifestyle.

  5. Wow! I’m still in shock about Robin Thicke’s video. I thought it was all
    Miley’s disgusting behavior, but apparently Robin is as sick as she is!
    He and his wife will be divorced before long and we will be reading about
    his latest hook-up.

    Kurt Cameron has been married for a long time to his present AND only wife.
    He was smart to get out of the Hollywood lifestyle!

    Just still can’t believe that disgusting and demeaning video by Robin Thicke!

  6. I love the song but I HATE the video….and I agree with Crusher that some sort of warning should have been given as to the nudity. One of my kids or their friends could have seen this without any warning to me at all. You’re not helping the parents out there trying to keep their kids, kids… trying to allow childhood to be just that. Thanks for being part of the exploitative news media that only gives a crap about itself and making money. Back to the video, granted controversy sells but again, we wonder why we have a society of pregnant teens….really, are we seriously still asking ourselves that in light of video’s like this? And I don’t see any naked guys….why not? Why is it women who only have to go through this degrading process. As far as Cameron… good for him. I’m not particularly religious but I do believe there is something out there greater than ourselves… a goodness, a spirituality that should be explored whether you call that God or something else. At least Cameron is spending his time exploring his spirituality, his personal growth rather than exploiting women….

  7. It’s too bad that Robin Thicke with his talent and good looks had to resort
    to such a low-class video. With crap such as this video, he will be tab-
    loid smut for a long time! And here I was blaming Miley for everything!

    Kirk Cameron was a real teenage idol in Growing Pains as Alan Thicke’s
    son. Robin Thicke will be so into his looks and afraid of losing fame. His
    marriage will fail. Kirk Cameron is happy with his inner self, has a strong
    family and will not walk in fear of losing his boyish good looks!

  8. Wow–I’m pretty shocked right now. I had no idea–and while I knew the song was a little risque, I am extremely disappointed in everyone involved with this video. I’m guessing my 16 year old son has already seen it. Time to renew the conversation about morals, respecting women and himself, and what he can and can’t listen to. I refuse to support this.

  9. I hadn’t seen this NSFW video, and while I like the song, this vid version is really out there. And I’m kind of sick of all the nudity in videos these days. You can be sexy and get your point across w/o the nudity and women parading around showing their boobs. I suggest these video producers/directors go back to the old school videos and see how they did it.

  10. I’m not a Christian or a fan of Cameron, but Robin’s video is repulsive and objectifies women to a heartbreaking degree. I can’t believe you would post such smut here. At least have some brains to post the one without the blatant nudity. And, btw, Alan Thicke has other kids.

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