Home Movies 2013 Summer Curse: Is “The Wolverine” Another Box Office Disappointment?

So far the summer has not been going too well for blockbusters. Now Fox’s “The Wolverine,” which was well reviewed, looks like it’s not going to meet studio expectations. Last night the Hugh Jackman feature did $21 million– a lot less than it needed to make the weekend numbers everyone had hoped for. Originally Fox thought they were going to get between $60-$65 million. Boxofficemojo.com had suggested $72 million considering no competition and those good reviews. Now “The Wolverine” will be extremely lucky to hit $60 million. But if big waves of fans didn’t come out on Friday night, they’re probably not coming this weekend. Without hardcore interest, “The Wolverine”– which cost the usual $150-$200 million– could open with a $55 million plus weekend. And that would not be good for momentum. Let’s put it this way: the first “Wolverine” had an opening night of just under $35 million.

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  1. These type of movies still make money, regardless of their budget. The “world” is now Hollywood’s audience and to he** with the American audience. America only amounts to 50% of the revenue. Notice most if not all of these blockbusters now have Asian co-actors and some kung-fu fighting….it appeals to the Asian audience specifically.

  2. It’s been reported by the studio that the movie cost under $120 million to make. If that’s true then I don’t see how the opening box office is all that disappointing. It’s a much lower budget than most comic book movies, which supposedly is largely thanks to Australia film tax credit. It should make that back plus some extra if it keep this pace. It certainly won’t lose any money, especially taking foreign sales into account.

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